How Local SEO Services Improve How You Get Found in Your Community

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Getting your business listed on major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and MSN is vital to your success. Local search engine optimization is crucial for mobile users as well. In fact, 88% of mobile searchers visit a local business the same day. That means you may be losing out on business to your competitors. Here are some of the benefits of local SEO. Listed businesses have higher conversion rates compared to other businesses.

BrightLocal is a comprehensive SEO tool suite

Local Search Audit: A BrightLocal tool allows you to check the health of your local listings and determine what is holding you back from being ranked higher on Google. The tool will analyze backlinks, citations, and reviews, and help you find what your competitors are doing to stay on top of the local search rankings. BrightLocal also helps you monitor your competitors' performance, as Google changes their search algorithms regularly.

Using BrightLocal to track local SEO can improve your ranking on Google, generate more leads, and improve your reputation. BrightLocal is also considerably cheaper than Moz Local and Yext, and offers permanent citations. Investing in a local SEO tool suite can help you build authority and drive traffic quickly. While these tools aren't free, they can help you grow your business and keep your local audience engaged and coming back to your business again.

Optimizing GMB listings is a key component of local SEO

The importance of optimizing your Google My Business listing can't be overstated. A well-maintained Google My Business profile receives up to five times more views than an unmaintained one, resulting in greater local visibility, more foot traffic, and more customers and sales. However, this won't happen without your assistance. As the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure," which makes your GMB listing all the more critical.

Local SEO services focus on optimizing your Google My Business listing (GMB) profile. With a properly optimized GMB profile, your business will appear at the top of a geographic search. This will increase your chances of showing up in Google maps searches. Lastly, it will also improve your business's overall online presence, as Google collects consumer reviews and other data.

Social listening is a key component of local SEO

It is imperative to listen to your audience. Social media is a fantastic way to reach people with short, sweet content. However, some topics require more clarity and depth. Local SEO services focus on social listening to find out what your audience is talking about and then tailor your content strategy accordingly. For example, if a certain area of your community has a lot of users who are looking for a nail salon, you may want to expand the service and post it on your GMB profile.

Targeted traffic is more likely to turn into customers

Your local SEO efforts can improve your business' visibility and attract more targeted traffic. Search engines will scan your website's body content for keywords relevant to your industry. In addition, your website's contact information should be visible on your contact page and homepage, so users can identify your local business. These factors will help you rank higher in search results. You can also enhance your site with a local logo, high-quality photos, and reviews. Local SEO is essential to attract customers in your area.

When using local SEO services, small businesses are often the ones that stand to gain the most exposure. By delivering targeted content to a specific geographic area, small businesses can increase their exposure and establish themselves as the go-to business for that region. For larger businesses, targeting all locations will give you a wider reach. Local SEO services can increase your visibility in a specific region and attract targeted traffic.