How to Light the Pilot Light on Your Hot Water Heater

If you’re concerned about a gas leak, it might be time to light the pilot light on your hot water heater. In fact, this simple process can fix the problem in minutes. Candu Plumbing of Chatsworth’s post about drain cleaning in Chatsworth can even adjust the temperature. Here are some tips that will get you started.

How to relight the pilot light on a hot water heater

There are a couple of steps to relighting the pilot light on a hot water heater. First, you need to locate the pilot. This is typically located at the end of a small silver tube. You can use a flashlight to help you find it. Once you’ve located it, you’ll want to push down the gas valve and keep it held down for a minute.

In the case of an automatic hot water heater, the procedure is similar. However, you won’t have to remove the plates to relight the pilot light. To relight the pilot light on an automatic hot water heater, you’ll need to hold the ignition button and pilot knob together for 30 seconds. You’ll need to be patient and careful to avoid accidentally hitting the switch.

The next step is to remove a small panel located on the bottom of the water heater. If the panel is removable, you can see the pilot light. If it’s not, it’s possible that you have a leaky gas line that needs to be repaired.

How to adjust the temperature of a hot water heater

Changing the temperature of your water heater is a simple process. However, it is important to make sure that it is set at 120 degrees F or less. If the water is too hot, you could accidentally burn yourself. If this happens, contact a certified plumber to fix the problem.

The first step is to turn off the power to your water heater. If it’s an electric water heater, you may need to remove the insulation. Then, adjust the temperature by turning the thermostat to the 115-120 degree range. This will help prevent your water heater from overheating and reduce energy costs.

How to check for leaks in the pilot light on a hot water heater

If you notice that the water is not getting hot, there could be a problem with the pilot light. It may be bent or dirty, or it could be a draft from the outside. Regardless, you need to get this repaired as soon as possible to get hot water and keep the water heater working properly.

To check for leaks in the pilot light, the first step is to turn off the gas. Make sure to unplug the water heater before performing this step. Then, turn on the pilot light again. Wait for a minute or two. If the pilot light stays lit, then the gas valve can be released.

Next, check the pressure relief valve. This valve is usually located near the top of the tank. If you notice a small leak, you can fix it with a garden hose cap or a sprayer. Otherwise, you can replace the valve, which is relatively inexpensive.

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