What Is a Four Post Car Lift?


When purchasing a four-post car lift at Mechanic Superstore, there are a few factors to consider. The type of vehicle you plan to work on may limit the type of lift you can purchase. You also need to consider the amount of garage space you have, as not all models can handle every type of vehicle. Moreover, you may want to choose a folding model if you have limited space in your garage. In addition, not all car lifts can be used for every type of vehicle.

Four-post car lifts support large, heavy vehicles

For a variety of automotive applications, four-post car lifts are a great option. Four-post lifts come with numerous accessories, including caster kits, drip trays, and redundant safety systems. Four-post car lifts can be used in a wide variety of industries, including the airline industry for hoisting aero engines, the power generation sector for supporting rotating assemblies, and more. Additionally, a four-post lift can be customized for each customer's unique needs.

There are several styles of four-post lifts available on the market. Drive-on four-post lifts are ideal for car enthusiasts and collector car shops, as they allow the vehicle to be driven on a runway and stored below it. This allows for more space under the lift, and it can be equipped with jacks. Some even have hydraulic lifts. Regardless of what type you choose, be sure to shop around for the best price.

They provide easy access to the vehicle's chassis

A 4 post car lift is an excellent choice for garage storage. This type of lift allows you to store a second vehicle underneath the first. The lift is extremely safe, allowing you to reach all areas of the vehicle, including the chassis. Also, 4 post lifts are perfect for vehicles with low ground clearance. While two-post lifts offer more versatility, a 4 post lift gives you more control and a greater peace of mind. Make sure to purchase a car lift made by a reputable manufacturer with high safety standards and ALI certification. Car lifts should also be regularly maintained, so make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

There are two main types of four post car lifts: open-face and closed-front. Each has different lifting capacities and features. The open-front type, for instance, allows you to access the entire suspension system without ducking under the lift assembly. Open-front lifts offer easy access to the vehicle's body and chassis, while closed-front lifts require you to duck under the cross-beams on the other sides. The type you need will depend on the type of work you'll be performing.

They require a 115-volt power supply

There are several types of car lifts available. The most common type is a four-post lift. These lifts require a 115-volt power supply to operate properly. If you choose a two-post lift, make sure the power unit you buy is of the same voltage as your lift. Otherwise, you may have problems. Also, using the wrong power unit may void the warranty of your lift.

Electricity requirements vary by model. For example, a four-post lift needs a 115-volt power supply, while a two-post lift needs a 220-volt power supply. Make sure to read the manual and check the power supply requirements before purchasing an auto lift. The maximum lift capacity for a four-post lift is 40,000 pounds. A four-post lift is more expensive than its two-post counterpart, but the benefits far outweigh its drawbacks.

They are durable

The best-rated four-post car lifts are essential for auto maintenance and repair professionals. They are strong and durable, allowing you to service a wider range of vehicles than two-post lifts. These lifts are also ideal for parking your vehicle, as their wide range of lifting capacity offers plenty of parking space. So, which type of lift is best for your business? Read on to find out. Alternatively, visit the manufacturer's website to get a quote and find out which model fits your needs.

A 4-post lift comes with an easy-to-install caster kit. The 4 posts are joined by a steel ramp and come with redundant ladder lock systems that prevent the car from dropping during the lifting process. A four-post lift also comes with a steel ramp and non-skid diamond plate runways to prevent slipping. They also feature a redundant safety system and caster kits to prevent slipping.

They can be used for storage and parking

Among the various types of 4 post-car lifts available in the market, the BendPak HD-Series and HDS-Series are two of the most popular models. They are made using superior materials and advanced hydraulic systems, which makes them ideal for both professional automotive garages and do-it-yourselfers. Designed for durability and easy operation, these lifts come with three drip trays to catch the water and dirt while the car is in the lift.

When purchasing a 4-post car lift, consider how you plan on using it. It is perfect for parking and storage, as it leaves ample space after the podium is lifted. Furthermore, you can store other vehicles such as motorcycles, riding lawn mowers, snowblowers, and boats. You don't need to purchase the most expensive model because it's enough to use it for both parking and storage.