Where Is Fairfax California?


Are you looking for a place to visit in Fairfax, California? The city has a lot to offer, from a moderate climate to a French bistro. If you're planning a visit to Fairfax, make sure to check out these tips for your trip. You can find the best directions to your destination and save them for future reference. Use the search box to find restaurants in the area, too.

Fairfax is a regional center

In the state of California, there are 21 regional centers, Mac's at 19 Broadway Fairfax California, and over 40 offices. These locations were chosen based on population density and geographic accessibility. The catchment areas for these centers are based on groups of counties, health districts, and county boundaries. The Los Angeles County regional center is in Fairfax. You can see its catchment area map by clicking on the Los Angeles County tab. You can view this map in full screen mode.

It has a mild climate

There are several key elements to consider in determining the climate of Fairfax, California. For starters, the city experiences temperatures that do not exceed 50Fdeg for at least 106 days each year. The amount of precipitation that falls on Fairfax is 43.3 inches per year, and snowfall is rare, falling only 1% of the time. It is also important to keep in mind that the city experiences low humidity levels, with a yearly average of less than 60%.

The city has a moderate climate, which is conducive to a wide variety of activities. Winters are usually cooler than summers and the wettest month is January. Fairfax is home to soils classified as Tocaloma Series soils by the U.S. Soil Conservation Service. These are moderately deep soils made up of sandstone and shale. The highest percentage of these types of soils occurs at altitudes of 15 percent or more.

It has a French bistro

Amelie Fairfax opened its doors last week, offering a bakery, cafe, wine bar, and French bistro. It is 100% committed to embracing the "consume local" movement, specifying that all breads and pastries are made on site. Chef Brian Starkey uses only organic and local ingredients to create a menu full of dishes that will please both locals and foodies. The bakery's menu includes an Amelie-style burger, a vegetarian sandwich, and grilled vegetables.

While the city of Fairfax has its share of French restaurants, this is one of the best. Its owner, Germain Michel, brought together a team of Frenchies from the Bay Area to pursue a unique concept: a 3-in-one restaurant. In the midst of the COVID epidemic, they made a bold move by opening a French bistro in the city. Their hard work has paid off, and they plan to open in the new year.

It has a large population

Located in Marin County, California, Fairfax is an incorporated town. The town is approximately 3.25 miles west of San Rafael and sits at an elevation of 115 feet. The 2020 census estimates the population of Fairfax at 7,605.

Although Fairfax is a small town, it has a large population and a diverse economy. Many residents come from nearby cities like San Jose and Sacramento. However, the population of Fairfax is declining over time. Factors that contribute to this population decline include low birth rate, low demand for basic services, and a declining job market. However, the recent population declines in Fairfax may be a sign of a larger problem.

It has many educational institutions

The town of Fairfax is a quirky little gem in Marin County, California, with lots of things to do. From an eclectic downtown to scenic surroundings that are perfect for hiking and biking, there's plenty to do here. The educational institutions are top-notch as well. Fairfax has an emphasis on ecology, and its school system includes two Green schools and one alternative school. Despite its quirky vibe, Fairfax offers a quality education to its residents.

The University of Fairfax has been named a Military Friendly School by Victory Media and the Department of Defense. The school was established in 2002 in response to the September 11, 2001, attack and to boost the nation's security. It offers quality programs for adult learners and has recently expanded its offerings to meet the growing needs of business owners and professionals. Whether you're looking for an online degree program or distance learning options, you can find it in Fairfax, CA.

It has an earthquake fault

An earthquake fault in Fairfax, California is one of the most dangerous types of tectonic hazards. Its magnitude is usually higher than two. The fault begins between Encinitas and Oceanside and stretches southward to La Jolla. It cuts through Old Town, Little Italy, downtown San Diego, Silver Strand, and Tijuana. The fault is about 15 kilometers (11 miles) from Fairfax. According to a report by the USGS, it is likely to produce an earthquake of 6.5 or larger, causing damage to infrastructure and homes. However, due to its depth, it is unlikely that this city would be hit by such a devastating event.

While there is no single reason to fear a large-scale quake, residents in the Fairfax area should be aware of the risk of a major temblor in the area. While major temblors on the Rose Canyon Fault occur only once in 700 years, previous research has shown that there is a one in eighteen percent chance that an earthquake of 6.7 or greater will strike the area in the next 30 years. The EERI, a scientific society, collaborates with the government to minimize the risk of a large earthquake.